About Us

An independent app development team called Nature Things. And we are based in a small village in the middle of Argentina. We focus on nature and entertainment applications for mobile devices.

Sebastian Burrieza

As the creator of Pacha! Sebastian wears many hats: graphic artist, animator, programmer and sound designer. A developer of several successful apps about nature, including Gardening Guides, Sebastian has dedicated himself to nature projects for the last 10 years. His work has been featured by Apple in the AppStore and has received notable mention by Wired magazine, Appadvice.com and specialty websites.

Luciano Stalman

As marketing director for Pacha!, Luciano is in charge of getting the game into the hands of as many kids as possible, and he knows how to speak their language. Luciano has been a graphic designer and teacher for many years, teaching elementary school kids how to use and express themselves through computers. One of the most important things he learned in his experience is that the best way to teach kids is through play. You need to go beyond “show don’t tell” and let them interact.