Pacha is a very special bird that wakes up to find its home, the Magic Forest, very sick due to deforestation and pollution. But Pacha has amazing healing powers to help cure plants and animals. The object of the game is to explore the forest collecting objects while curing the ailing environment. The game is filled with real species of wild-life and wonderful messages that teach kids the importance of preserving nature while keeping them engaged and entertained.

Pacha! Protector of the Magic Forest! is a simulation game that consists of several areas of a diverse forest, each with hidden magic games that develop mathematic, memory, critical thinking and fine motor skills. Similar to popular games like Virtual Pets, Pacha now must protect your personalized Virtual Forest, which requires the player to check in often to ensure the health of the environment.

We truly believe that if this game can encourage kids around the world to take care of nature, we’re going to create a healthier world.

Features include:

• Develop Mathematic, Memory, Critical Thinking and Fine Motor Skills.
• Collect Suns to Personalize your forest with your Favorite Plants and Animals.
• Several Messages that Explain the Importance of Protecting Nature.
• Fast Facts Shared by the Wise Owl and then Test that Knowledge.
• 9 Levels of Forest to Explore and Many More to Come.
• Protect YOUR Virtual Forest from Contamination.
• Over 50 Magic Games to discover throughout Forest.
• Collect Power Stones to help Pacha Cure the Wild-Life.
• Interact with a Diverse Species of Plants and Animals.
• Explore with Pacha all the Beautiful Wildlife.
• Play Magic Games to Earn Extra Suns.
• Save the Magic Forest for Contamination.
• Advertising Free Play.

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Gabriela Barrera, Alicia Tion, Viviana Gaeta, Hernan Savastano, Georgina Savastano, Suzi Alexander, Gary Stolzoff, Sylvia Perel, Louis Sucich, Kevin Aveson, Jo Ellen Mitchell, Daniel Mandelbrot, Anna Haaland, Mark Friesen, Angela Sucich, Tony Brown, Renard Yearby, Alexander Lietz, Kulea Games, Jill Mandel, Michael Matthews, Chris Stetz, Kelly Ann Brown, Blue Room Games.

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